About us

As a customer-focused small company, located since more than 20 years in Vienna/Austria, we take it for granted to work for you fast and economic in following fields:

  • We sell hydraulic and pneumatic components produced by well-known manufacturers.
  • Primary we are running a PARKER-STORE and so you can benefit from the very large PARKER product lines. Secondary we’re dealing with other manufacturers of hydraulic components and are therefore sure to reach your requirements in most cases.

  • Maintenance of the hydraulic systems of machines and factory installations, installing of hydraulic components on existing machines or changing their configuration. We also repair your hydraulic components like cylinders, pumps or valves.
  • As a part of the maintenance we survey the quality of your used hydraulic fluids and, if requested, improve their quality by filtering those fluids.
  • According to your special requirements we design and manufacture hydraulic components or we simply modify standard hydraulic parts in order to reach your needs.

You should benefit from our experience in all above mentioned matters! In order to minimize your costs (machine down-time) we are used to work at unusual times too.

An important part of our company is developing and manufacturing stationary test benches and mobile maintenance equipments for hydro-pneumatic or hydro-mechanic gun recoil mechanisms (for gun tubes cal. > 90 mm). The mobile maintenance equipments are also used to check and maintain hydraulic components of tank turrets and artillery pieces.

Further we develop and manufacture nitrogen flushing and filling devices for opto-electronic components of tank turrets. In both above mentioned matters we’re working worldwide in strong cooperation with well-known companies.