Nitrogen charging and flushing devices

Modern weapon systems are equipped with electronic and optic components and their housings are usually tightened and filled with nitrogen in order to avoid moisture and corrosion. The filling status must be checked periodically and the components must be flushed with nitrogen periodically too.

We developed and manufactured special devices which enable carrying out the above mentioned tasks on a very professional, economic and fast way. Such devices are currently used on different military vehicles and tank turrets.


  • Nitrogen pressure continuously adjustable
  • Nitrogen-cylinder pressure (200 bar) automatically reduced to 1 bar inlet pressure
  • Pressure reading by analog gauges
  • Specifically designed accessories for each type of accumulator or recuperators (e. g. valve openers, adapters)
  • Easy to handle thanks to its rugged und modular design

Field of applications:

  • Checking of air-tightness and residual nitrogen pressure
  • Flushing (rinsing) of components with nitrogen
  • Refilling of components with nitrogen

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